Euphoric Regression

Continue your quest to become to ultimate baby for Mommy Nicole! Experience deep feelings of euphoric joy anytime you indulge in even the simplest babyish behaviors. Your dependency on diapers continues to grow as your craving become more and more infantile in nature. You may find yourself becoming addicted to formula, baby bottles and pacifiers as well. But its alright. Mommy Nicole doesn’t mind and you know that as long as you’re such a good little baby, Mommy will take care of everything.

Gender Neutral ABDL Trance Training

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Price: $23.39 USD
Length: 25 minutes
Size: 31 MB
Format: MP3

Silly Dumb Little Baby

Its a little embarrassing that I know so much about what you want, isn’t it? You probably have to spend a lot of time and a lot of effort hiding yourself from the rest of the world. Most people would think its pretty weird for someone to want the sort of things you do.

And perhaps you tried to deny yourself, stuffing these wants and needs deep, deep down, burying them in your subconscious or hiding them away like a dirty little secret. Better to avoid the humiliation. I understand.

But you can only deny yourself for just so long before these urges become too much to bear. That itch becomes irresistible and you find that you simply have no choice but to give in. Poor baby. So, you come to Mommy. Because you know Mommy can give you what you want. You know Mommy can give you what you need. Mommy knows. Mommy understands. And Mommy doesn’t mind.

Mommy takes away all your choices and responsibilities. Mommy puts you in a diaper and turns you into a silly dumb little baby. Mommy makes you wear thick diapers and that’s good because you’re going to be having a lot of little accidents from now on. Poor baby. Its too late to turn back now. You’re just a silly dumb little baby, after all.

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Price: $14.39 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 18 MB
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Coerced Wetting

I know your secret, little one. You never could hide from me, after all. But its alright. You’re safe here with Mommy Nicole and together we’ll explore all those secret desires you keep locked away inside your mind. But first, you’re going to need A LOT of diapers. Don’t try to fight it. Don’t bother trying to resist. Accidents happen, sweetheart but Mommy doesn’t mind. As long as you do exactly as you’re told, everything will be A-ok!

This is an entirely gender-neutral session for both BOYS and GIRLS. Includes deep trance, diaper training, age regression and multiple count downs towards diaper wetting accidents. I strongly recommend wearing a diaper BEFORE you begin listening.

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Price: $26.09USD
Length: 28 minutes
Size: 32 MB
Format: MP3

Mommy Obsession

You’ve begun seeing a therapist for help with your uncontrolled wetting and mommy obsession. She’s promised to explore a variety of techniques, including deep trance. She’s also suggested your purchase some diaper and even wear them to your next session. So you do as you’re told and come prepared for anything. Such a good baby!

This session is completely gender neutral for both boy and girl babies and of course anyone in between. Includes gentle, nurturing humiliation, deep age regression and affirmation of baby behaviors. You will be trained to wear and wet your diapers, listen to Mommy Nicole’s voice and obey her suggestions and to be Mommy Nicole’s very best little baby.

This file does begin sounding a bit like a role play but quickly moves into 100% real trance training that will have lasting effects on your behavior as well as your subconscious mind.

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Price: $22.49 USD
Length: 24 minutes
Size: 23 MB
Format: MP3

Becoming Mommy’s Baby

You’ve had a crush on your best friend for as long as you can remember. But you’re such a needy little baby and you don’t want to burden her with all that so you have to try to be big, try not to regress, try not be such a needy little baby. Or do you? What happens when your best friend Nicole finds out just how much of a needy little baby you really are? Is it possible that all your dreams just might come true and you may actually get to be Mommy’s sweet little baby forever?

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Price: $15.29 USD
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 19 MB
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Nurturing Debauchery & Humiliation

This brief clip is a wild ride from start to finish. For quite awhile now, I’ve wanted to create a file that would allow new listeners to experience a broad range of just what I’m truly capable of–You’ll experience my loving, nurturing side, hints of dark sensuality, playful teasing and finally wrapping things up with cruel humiliation. This was sort of an experiment for me … A sexy, fun aural experiment that I hope you’ll enjoy listening to as much I enjoyed creating.

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Price: $6.29 USD
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 6 MB
Format: MP3

Special Treatment for Mommy’s Baby

Mommy is going to relax you now, sweetheart before giving you a special treatment to help you release all that icky tension and stress you’ve been carrying around as a grown up. None of that stuff matters when you’re a helpless little baby for Mommy Nicole but sometimes it can be difficult to let it go … Sometimes you need to be regressed a little deeper, gently bathed and dressed in diapers and frilly gowns, swaddled in warm blankets and fed your baby formula before you can completely let go. Its alright, little one. Mommy understands and loves her precious baby very much!

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Price: $15.29 USD
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 16 MB
Format: MP3

Icky News

I’ve been hesitant to post this here because I prefer to keep my nursery a safe and happy place for my little ones to come and relax but I’m sure you’ve noticed Mommy hasn’t been around as much as she’d like lately. I don’t want to go into too much detail but someone in my immediate family was diagnosed with cancer so things have been and will continue to be a bit difficult around here for a little while longer.

The good news is, we caught it early and everything should be fine. The person affected had surgery and is recuperating. Hopefully life will return to normal within a few months and by this time next year all of this will be a memory!

Mommy will try to be around as much as possible. I apologize if anyone feels neglected or ignored. That isn’t my intent at all. I do read messages and comments. I just don’t always have time to respond with everything that’s going on. I love you all though. Hugs and kisses!

Doctor Mommy

You’ve been noticing yourself becoming more and more incontinent for about a year now and you’ve finally decided its time to do something about it. You’ve tried hypnosis in the past but its only seemed to make the problem worse so in desperation, you’ve reached out to the powerful hypnotist, Doctor Dosei.

But things don’t always work out exactly the way you expect them to and sometimes good doctors turn out to be quite unethical indeed! In this audio trance session, Mommy Nicole assumes the role of Doctor Mommy; using powerful covert trancing techniques, you’ll be taken down so deep that there’s simply no escape. You can try to resist but you’ll find yourself becoming more and more babyish with every word you hear until finally you have no choice but to accept your new life as Doctor Mommy’s secret adult baby.

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Price: $21.59 USD
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 22 MB
Format: MP3

Baby’s Dream Day

Its time for another lovely nap and a bedtime story with Mommy Nicole! With an induction specifically written for little babies, Mommy will take you down nice and deep before using proven clinical techniques to teach you how to use the power of your subconscious mind so you may experience in a lucid dream all the wonderful things Mommy has planned for your special day.

This will give you the experience of what it would be like to actually be Mommy Nicole’s full time baby, including diaper changes, meal times in your high chair and an exciting trip out with a car ride in your safety seat. Don’t worry though, Mommy won’t forget your teddy bear or your paci. We’re going to have so much fun together and you’ll learn so many wonderful new baby behaviors!

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Price: $18.89 USD
Length: 20 minutes
Size: 20 MB
Format: MP3