Drink Me

This is the ABDL version of my Drink Me session~

Featuring three new post trance suggestions for my bestest babies to absorb and obey! This session also features ASMR whispering as well as soothing nursery background music to draw you down into a fully immersive experience.

Before we get too deeply into all of this, before you regress too deeply, I want you to prepare a bottle for yourself. You can put anything you like in your bottle. Anything at all. It could be warm milk or baby formula or water or juice. Literally anything at all is fine. Normally Mommy would make it for you but since I can’t do that right now, I need you to pretend to be big just enough to do this for me. You’re such a good baby. You know that? Mommy is so proud of you right now, doing exactly as you’re told.

As you drink this bottle, you’ll feel your mind and body regressing so deeply; 20 times, 50 times, perhaps even 100 times more deeply than ever before. You’ll become so babyish, so silly and dumb, all you’ll be able to do is lie there and squirm. Even if you wet your diaper. Even if you get so messy. It won’t matter. You’ll just be so helpless for Mommy Nicole! You’ll tumble down and down, falling down the rabbit hole of deep regression and trance and perhaps find yourself doing and thinking (Well, maybe not thinking. Babies don’t really think, do they?) But definitely doing things you’ve never done before. I don’t know. Anything could happen, couldn’t it?

My words are gently scrubbing away all resistance, leaving you feeling weak and compliant and eager to obey. This is how I like you best. I love an empty minded little baby. Now that I’m making the choices for you … There are a few things I want you to do for me. My obedient little one. My good little baby. But to find out what those are, you’ll have to listen to this mp3 … Now be a good baby and do as you’re told.

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Mommy’s Brainwashed Cuckie Baby

Am I playing a mind game or am I actually brainwashing you into regressed submission? How can you tell? The answer, of course, is that you can’t so its really best to just go along with whatever I say and see what happens. *giggle* And never mind the slight pinch of a needle sliding into your vein; its just a trance enhancing inoculation, sweetheart. You trust, Mommy, don’t you? Of course you do! Mommy knows best, after all!

This is a follow up to Cuckie Baby so make sure you’ve listened to that file before you snatch this one up~

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I’ve released so many super intense sessions lately, I wanted to do something a little more playful and fun. In this trip to the nursery, you and I will play a silly little game of Peekaboo which will result in the word peekaboo having special significance for you as a regressed little baby. Peekaboo will help to relax you whenever you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Playing peekaboo will instantly transform your mentality from a grumpy, boring, overtired adult to a sweet, happy, silly, dumb, little baby and the best part is, you can do it whenever you like!

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Length: 18 minutes
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PeePee Dance

Don’t worry about wearing a diaper today, sweetheart. You surely won’t need one. After all, you’re big enough to control your own bladder, aren’t you?

Hmm. Maybe not!

In this session, you’re lulled down into trance by Mommy Nicole’s melodic voice, coaxed into a blissful state of relaxation and deep regression. We go to the nursery and you watch a colorful mobile float above your head as you let go of all your grown up cares and concerns. None of those boring old things matter when you’re with Mommy Nicole.

But once you’re all helpless and infantile, things begin to happen. Your bladder is just too full and you can’t control it after all! But what happens when you also remember, you forgot to put on your diaper this morning! And now you can’t remember how to use the potty either! Mommy Nicole giggles as you wriggle and squirm, doing a silly little peepee dance in desperation. But that’s not all …

Of course, if you want to know the rest, you’ll just have to listen!

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Daytime Wetting

Listening to Mommy Nicole’s adult baby training sessions has started a chain-reaction in your subconscious mind and you’re forgetting your potty training. I know sometimes you have very close calls, indeed. You might wake up just in time to rush to the potty. I know this because you’ve told me, silly baby.

And that’s what happens during the daytime now too. Wetting yourself multiple times a day is only natural for you. You’re just a little baby and you can’t help yourself. Sometimes this might seem embarrassing or a little strange but the more it happens, the more you simply accept that this is a part of your life and just one of the many things that make you … you.

This session builds upon and cements previous potty untraining and uncontrolled wetting files but the induction is deep enough that you could just as easily use this as your introduction to Mommy Nicole’s baby training, as well. Of course, daytime wetting really is jumping straight into the deep end but maybe you’re just that desperate to let go of your adult inhibitions and engage in baby behaviors.

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Diaper Dependence

Imagine being Mommy’s good little baby. Imagine how it would feel to have Mommy know each time you had an accident in your diaper. Just when it seems as if you might become potty trained, you have another accident and Mommy has to strap you down on the changing table and exchange that soggy wet diaper for a fresh crinkly new one.

Your bladder is weak. Your mind is weak. You are weak. And no matter how hard you try, you are helpless to resist my powerful words. These suggestions are planting deep inside your mind now. Even if you forget every single thing I have said to you during this trance, your subconscious will remember. That’s right. Your subconscious is listening, remembering … You are just a silly dumb little baby and you have bedwetting accidents. More and more.

It reaches a point where you have no idea if you will wake up to a wet bed or not. The risk becomes so great that you find yourself wearing pull ups and diapers to sleep in. You slip one on before bed and you feel safe and secure, knowing that even if you have an accident, its okay. You just need to wear your diaper and everything will be just fine.

Warning: listening to this session greatly increases your risk of becoming diaper dependent 24/7. I use real trance training techniques combined with powerful brainwashing suggestions. Whether you’re brand new to ABDL or you’ve been playing with diapers for years and years, this is an excellent file for anyone. Gender neutral so it can be enjoyed by boys, girls or anyone in between.

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Dream Hollow

I’ve decided to give the Discord server another go. There will definitely some changes this time around! In an effort to keep the server free of ghosts and to preserve the intimacy of the community itself, access is no longer free to everyone. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

However! Access is available for $5 a month if you join my Patreon. You can choose to join as a Dryad (feminine forest spirit) or a Drus (masculine forest spirit) and if there are still available slots, you can even become a Changeling and hangout with me on voice chat!

What else is different?

I will be scheduling at least one hour long voice chat session per week. I’ll try to alternate the times so that everyone who chooses to join gets a chance to participate and of course, if I find myself available when there are folks around, I’d love to do impromptu hangouts as well

Also, if you’d prefer, you can pay a one-time fee for lifetime access below.

Please note: if you are one of the 6 who already purchased this, plsae forward me your old PayPal receipt (you should have gotten it an email) or a screenshot from your PayPal account and I will respond with a fresh invitation!

I very much look forward to seeing you in the Hollow.

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One time fee for lifetime access. Please forward your receipt to me via email to receive an invite to the server. This is only for Drus and Dryads. If you want to use the voice chat function, you will need to subscribe via my Patreon.

Baby’s Bedtime Ritual

Just an intimate little scene as I describe Mommy and Baby’s special bedtime ritual after a night out with our friends. File includes soft background music, removal of “grown up” clothes and dressing you in a pull-up and onesie, mention of bedwetting accidents and wraps up with cuddles for Mommy and Baby. Very sweet, loving and nurturing.

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Length: 6 minutes
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Cuckie Baby

You’ve been regressing with Mommy Nicole for quite some time and as much as Nicole enjoys indulging this other side of your personality, she has needs of her own that, as a regressed little one, you just can’t really satisfy. But that’s alright because Mommy has a plan and new lessons to teach her baby boy. All you have to do is let everything else go and relax; Mommy Nicole is in control now and whatever Mommy says, goes.

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Length: 21 minutes
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