Baby Training

Awwww … What’s the matter, precious? You can’t help but feel humiliated, can you? Are you Mommy’s little baby now? So many changes that you are feeling; you used to be in control and now Mommy took it all away. Poor baby, and I’m sure it doesn’t help when all your silly attempts to counter Mommy’s alluring and captivating words are so quickly dissolved by all those unwavering and persistent baby feelings that Mommy has so thoughtfully orchestrated inside you … Poor little thing.

Listening to this erotic trance audio session will cause you to feel so helpless and small, just like a little baby. And that’s what you are now, my precious little angel. That’s right. You’re Mommy Nicole’s sweet little baby boy and you do all the things little do; wearing diapers, drinking from a bottle and learning all the things that Mommy wants to teach you.

Digital Download
Length: 20 min
Price: $20.99

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