Strong Mommy

In this session, I use my special brand of nurturing maternal humiliation to gently emasculate and take you into a deep trance so we can continue to explore your wonderful nursery. Once you have become so small and babyish, you will begin to learn that, in the nursery, Mommy Nicole is in control and there’s nothing you can do because Mommy is much stronger than you are. In fact, at any time Mommy could put you across her lap and spank your bare bottom! You silly boy. You know you can’t resist. You’re already so eager to be such a good little boy for Mommy, aren’t you? Of course you are! Now, you just have to listen to my voice and feel yourself becoming smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker until you’re just a helpless little humiliated darling for me …

Digital Download
Length: 25 min
Price: $25.99

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