X’s and O’s

What do babies love? Kisses from Mommy! And when you’re a very good little baby, Mommy Nicole showers you with sweet kisses all the way from the top of your precious little head down to the very tips of your toes. But what do you suppose happens when you’re a naughty little baby? What does Mommy do then? Hmm? That’s right! She pulls you right over her lap and spanks your bare bottom until its all red!

In this hypnotic audio, I regress you down deeper and deeper until you feel so weak and so small and so helpless; just like a little baby! Perfect for Valentine’s Day and every day~ This abdl training session includes two new triggers to make you feel even more babyish than ever before and I know you will love learning all the new things Mommy Nicole has planned for you.

Digital Download
Length: 20 min
Price: $20.99

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