Uncontrolled Wetting

This audio uses powerful conditioning techniques to induce helpless, uncontrolled wetting in good little boys. Within a very short time you will experience a complete loss of bladder control and wet yourself helplessly like a . Specially tailored to induce uncontrolled wetting at all times in Mommy’s presence and while wearing diapers, panties or training panties. You may also experience limited control while wearing training panties and panties with unsuspected potty accidents at random times. Recommended Use – minimum of once a day – for quicker and more absolute results – use multiple times per day.

Digital Download Details
Price: $26.08 USD
Length: 28 minutes
Size: 27 MB
Format: MP3

One thought on “Uncontrolled Wetting

  1. This file is absolutely amazing. I’ve tried others in the past but I tried this one last night. I only meant to listen once but accidentally put it on repeat. I must of listened to it at least 12-15 times and I was amazed to wake up wet. Not just wet but soaked. I was so happy but scared that it actually worked. But today I was talking to my girlfriend/mommy and she likes the idea of me in diapers permanently. So I plan on listening to it every night on repeat until I cant control it anymore. I’ve ordered a couple cases of diapers and threw away all my underwear

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