Mommy’s Favorite Things

Hello baby… its so wonderful of you to come and share with Mommy Nicole and some of her favorite things… I know you will find a lot of Mommy’s favorite things are very special… yes you will… because they will change the way you feel and the way you act… and the way you behave…

In fact that’s the reason they are Mommy’s favorite things… because they will all make you feel extremely babyish and infantile… with little choice but to become Mommy Nicole’s helpless little baby… that’s right darling… you won’t have any choice… as all of these things change your feelings and behavior… more and more every day… oh yes they do… all the time… even when you’re not even thinking about them… and they will continue to become stronger and stronger each and every day… until you are a very babyish little boy for mommy… so come and relax, as mommy tells you about all her favorite things in the nursery…

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  1. Angel says:

    Sounds like it might be a lot of fun… but I’m always reluctant to try a file without having a clearer idea what it’s going to be. Like what these ‘things’ are.

    Some baby stuff is fun, some kind of freaks me out due to existing issues. If I saw this on a free site, I’d probably try it once to see if it’s something that works for me. But I don’t have enough money at present to be buying a mystery.
    Maybe some time in future…

    • Mommy Nicole says:

      If I listed what all my favorite things were, there wouldn’t be much point in listening to the file now would there, sweetheart? *smiles*

      I go out of my way to keep my ABDL fun and playful. There is a bit of humiliation but I’m a nurturing Mommy, not a cruel one. Feel free to check out some of the free files on my main site if you’re curious about my hypnotic style and then come back here whenever you’re ready to regress.

    • babyjeremy says:

      hi mommy angel would you want to baby me for real im in California and do not drive and I am mentally and physically handicapped

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