No More Big Boy Pants

In this ABDL trance session, Mommy Nicole uses powerful mind control techniques to relax her good little boy so deeply and so completely that he loses control of his bladder entirely! It is HIGHLY suggested that you wear a diaper whilst listening to this mp3. As the title suggests, you may lose the ability to wear big boy pants indefinitely! That’s right … Just like a little baby, you will be wetting yourself without even realizing its happening. You will lose the ability to control the muscles of your bladder and have no choice except to either wear diapers or risk the humiliation of an embarrassing pee pee accident in front of anyone at anytime! These techniques yield REAL results!

Digital Download Details
Price: $20.69 USD
Length: 22 minutes
Size: 21 MB
Format: MP3

3 thoughts on “No More Big Boy Pants

    1. You’re the first little girl I’ve heard from, to be honest. I would certainly consider it, of course! I just didn’t realize there were any little girls out there interested in me.

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