Heads up!

There seems to be a glitch in my delivery system. Some files are just not being sent for some reason. If this happens to you, please just forward copy of your receipt to me at nicoledosei@gmail.com and I will manually send you a link to your file as soon as I can.

Do not pay for the file multiple times and then ask for a refund! I cannot stress that enough. It is an absolute nightmare for me to try to sort through my transactions and find out who paid multiple times for the same file. Please just be patient while I try to figure out what’s going wrong. If you forward me the copy of your receipt, I will make sure you get your file.

I’ll update here once I’ve got the mess sorted out. Thank you so much for being patient with Mommy. I know its hard to wait sometimes, especially when you’re very very excited! I’ve got an intense regression file coming up soon but I would like to get this delivery system issue sorted before I release it.

xoxo – Mommy Nicole

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