Too Little to be BIG

Sort of a quasi-follow up for Too Big to be Little, this session can stand on its own just fine as well. A gentle teasing reminder of why you need to wear diapers at all times with a nice induction and no count up. Instead, I encourage you to fall asleep after gently reinforcing your baby behaviors and training. This session is also good for newbies who aren’t too sure of what to expect–Use this session as an introduction to my style and to help you relax enough for a more in depth training session.

Digital Download Details
Price: $8.09 USD
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 8 MB
Format: MP3

One thought on “Too Little to be BIG

  1. A fantastic, light, and playful trance to help get babies in the right mindset for playtime. It works well on its own, but also really enhances other files! Mommy Nicole is right as always, I AM too little to be big!

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