Euphoric Regression

Continue your quest to become to ultimate baby for Mommy Nicole! Experience deep feelings of euphoric joy anytime you indulge in even the simplest babyish behaviors. Your dependency on diapers continues to grow as your craving become more and more infantile in nature. You may find yourself becoming addicted to formula, baby bottles and pacifiers as well. But its alright. Mommy Nicole doesn’t mind and you know that as long as you’re such a good little baby, Mommy will take care of everything.

Gender Neutral ABDL Trance Training

Digital Download Details
Price: $23.39 USD
Length: 25 minutes
Size: 31 MB
Format: MP3

4 thoughts on “Euphoric Regression

  1. Another wonderful trance from Mommy Nicole. And she makes things so clear for us little babies! Now we can pretend to be big when we need to, and know that we can always be who we really are (little babies!) when we need to be. Also *giggles* you won’t see a certain color the same way ever again, but if I told you I’d think about it and I couldn’t be big to um…finish this big boy thing.

    1. Such a fun review! Thank you, sweetie. I won’t mention which color either. We’ll just let it be a nice surprise!

  2. I love this. Is there any tracks you have where I can indulge into the creative aspects of little space? I always felt that was an advantage of this lifestyle, is the ability to look at the world with brand new eyes. I’m a musician so I transmute this into my art. An artist/muse roleplay where the muse regresses the artist would be amazing

  3. I did the relaxation part and melted to sleep. Woke up soaked and blissful. Took me a minute to orientate myself. I know I’m pretty conditioned to your voice but this was next level stuff. Once you hacked my pleasure center, you had me right where you wanted me. This is weapon grade regression. Amazing.

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