Diaper Denial

Imagine if Mommy Nicole caught you taking your diapers off at night when you’re supposed to be sleeping in your little crib. Imagine if she knew all about how you try to pretend you’re a big boy and play with your dolly. What might Mommy have to do to teach her sweet little baby a lesson? She might just have to make it so you cannot remove your diapers without permission no matter how hard you try! She might even make you forget how to remove your own diapers. Sometimes, thats the only way to keep naughty little hands from going where they needn’t wander!

Includes teasing, mentions of spanking, loss of motor functions, regressive therapy, diaper discipline, bedwetting training, and lots of gentle nurturing from Mommy Nicole.

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Price: $16.19 USD
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 18 MB
Format: MP3

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