Brainwashed Baby Boy

Not for the faint of heart! In this ABDL training session, I incorporate brainwashing techniques so regardless of how resistant you may be, by the end of the recording, you won’t even want to be a big boy anymore. Gentle and teasing, my voice takes you down into deep trance, mesmerizing and overwhelming your grown-up mind until all that remains is the weak, dumb, silly little baby that you truly are.

This session includes very manipulative tactics to achieve my desired result including gaslighting, manipulation and mind control. But of course, like all of my ABDL tracks, I am soft and nurturing with my precious little one; encouraging you to indulge in bedwetting, diapers and teasing you about your apparent obsession with Mommy’s breasts.

Digital Download Details
Price: $16.19 USD
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 18 MB
Format: MP3

2 thoughts on “Brainwashed Baby Boy

  1. Mommy was right to warn silly, dumb little babies about this file! But don’t worry, Mommy will take away all your cares as you regress VERY deeply for her, falling even more in love with ALL of Mommy, but especially her big, soft, full breasts πŸ™‚ But be careful! You won’t even want to pretend to be big after this file, but it’s OK πŸ˜€ You can be free to be the silly, dumb baby you always were! *giggles* Enjoy!

  2. Wow ok mummy warned but as all silly little babies do they don’t listen hehe:)

    As always mummy regresses you so gently and so lovingly. This file very deeply and very strongly makes you be and want to be a silly little baby as you always have been πŸ™‚

    Just fantastic from mummy as always. I for one don’t ever want to pretend to be a big boy again. Hehe:) yay have fun fellow babies and dank you mummy x

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