Babysitter Blackmail

This audio session features Nicole as your 19 yr old babysitter. You let her borrow your laptop so she could study but you forgot to delete your browser history and she discovered all your kinky secrets! Now that she knows all the fucked up things you’re into, she’s got some serious dirt to blackmail you with. On the ride home, she tells you exactly what she’s got in mind–her new “terms of service” if you will.

Nicole is studying for her degree in psychology and you’re going to be her new hypnotized pet, her own personal guinea pig. But once she’s got you in trance, there’s so much more. This session includes humiliation, coercion, diaper wearing, bedwetting, amnesia, financial domination, teasing, forgetting your name, your girlfriend/wife’s name, your potty training, pretty much everything about being a grown-up, brainwashing, ultimate age regression, being turned into a blank slate for Nicole and finally put back together again … mostly … if you choose to be a good boy for me, of course.

Digital Download Details
Price: $18.89 USD
Length: 20 minutes
Size: 26 MB
Format: MP3

One thought on “Babysitter Blackmail

  1. Thank you for making it all clear, Mommy. We babies need strict rules, and you make sure we know all the rules, making us remember (or…forget?) all of them!

    A wonderfully creative and fun session, that starts with roleplay, but quickly turns into a real and powerful trance. Thank you again, Mommy Nicole!

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