Mommy’s Nursery

Hi babies! I created a special place for us to hang out on Discord! Think of it as an actual nursery … I want you to feel free to share your thoughts, hang out together, baby talk, whatever you want to do. This is your safe place to just be the baby you truly are.

Now, of course I can’t be in the nursery ALL the time. I do have to do grown up things so I’ll be in and out and I probably won’t be on the voice channel but I’m looking to build a community where I can interact a little more with you so lets see how this goes, yeah?

I look forward to seeing you there!

Price: $49.99

You SHOULD receive a URL that will invite you to the Discord server. If you do not receive this URL, send me an email and let me know. You will need to download and install the Discord program for the invitation to work. If you run into problems with Discord itself, please refer to the Discord website. I’m not a tech person so I can’t really help you troubleshoot any of that.

One thought on “Mommy’s Nursery

  1. I’m so glad I signed up for Mommy’s Nursery! It’s such a wonderful way to connect and really get to know Mommy Nicole, as well as baby talk with other littles 🙂

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