It began so slowly, so subtly that at first you didn’t even realize it was happening. Every night you would perform your usual evening routines, making preparations for the day ahead and winding down for the night before tucking yourself into bed. Your dreams would be vivid, dramatic and exciting but they would quickly fade in the morning light and you would be left with a haunting sensation that … something … had happened but you simply didn’t know what that something could be.

You had never had a problem with incontinence before and yet, seemingly all of a sudden, you found yourself wetting the bed! As if having to wear adult diapers to bed weren’t enough, you’d begun to notice other strange desires and behaviors as well. Sneaking brightly colored juice boxes to work, craving baby bottles of warm milk …

You’ve got to figure out how to keep these secrets from your new girlfriend. She’s the woman of your dreams and you can’t afford to lose her. But your new girlfriend has some secrets of her own and in this ABDL trance training mp3, you’re going to learn about those secrets and so much more as you find yourself transformed into a helpless little baby by an adulthood draining Infantibus!

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Price: $26.99 USD
Length: 29 minutes
Size: 25 MB
Format: MP3

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