Resist Regression

In this ABDL trance training session, we’re going to do things a little differently. Read this description very carefully prior to purchasing, little one. I only want you to listen to this file if you feel confident in your ability to resist my powerful suggestions and become a big boy again. That’s right. I want you to try to resist me. I’ll even help you. I will train you to resist my voice. If you fail, you will end up even more helplessly regressed than ever before, of course but if you succeed you might just make your escape from Mommy’s nursery after all.

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Length: 17 minutes
Size: 20 MB
Format: MP3

3 thoughts on “Resist Regression

  1. I have 19 of your files. This one has been the most intense. I was scared to leave the house without a diaper. I subconsciously packed a diaper bag like it was natural to always bring one with me. I went to a concert and before I got there I took the diaper off in case security patted me down. I really wish I didn’t take it off cause it felt like I was resisting, found myself in a constant trance but insisting I HAD to be a big boy so I didn’t have an accident. After a few almost slips in the mosh pit I survived resisting you for the time being

    I next stopped at a haunted cigar bar trying to find a dungeon in downtown Milwaukee. I felt like it was the only way I would last the night is if I found a domme somewhere to immerse me to no avail. Ihad your voice at the back of my head all night taunting me and I distracted myself again and found myself at a karaoke bar regressing to a mindset of a pre-schooler, it flared my charm tho and I killed it onstage. After I did Karaoke I order pizza at 2:30 am and found my car in the back of a parking lot.

    I draped a tapestry over my back seat to create a little space for privacy and I slipped this track on and got myself diapered for my hour long ride home. I changed my clothes to comfy Pjs and I clipped a paci to my Power Rangers shirt and suckled the whole time home on the interstate. It felt like the most natural thing ever and I ended up having the best night I’ve had all summer.

  2. I read every single comment that gets posted and this one definitely stood out. I love that you had such a fantastic night out, slipping in and out of little space and just having a great time. This is why I do what I do. I’m so happy you found my little nursery and I’m really glad you’re enjoying my files, sweetie!

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