Potty (Un)Training 01

*Due to the unexpected success of this file, I am planning three follow up versions so stay tuned! Future files will include expansion and further exploration of forgetting your potty training for various periods of time, including the duration of the trance, a period of 24 hours and an open-ended file which will simply allow the affects of the suggestions to wear off naturally over time.

The best part of forgetting all that useless potty training is that it opens up so much space in your mind for being a happy baby. That’s right! When your mind is open and free of negativity or shame, you can be the happiest you’ve ever been. Regressing and forgetting, wetting your diapers allows you to feel so deeply peaceful and relaxed. Remember, sweetheart, you’re safe here with Mommy. Safe in the nursery.

Its safe to let go now, sweetheart. Safe to be little. Allow yourself to regress for Mommy. This is your time to be little. Your time to be helpless and relaxed. Let Mommy take care of you. And forget. That’s right. Forgetting shame. Forgetting indoctrination. Forgetting your potty training.

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