Potty (Un)Training

Please read carefully before purchase!

This session will allow you to completely forget your potty training. Using real trance and unethical therapeutic techniques, I take you down deep and for an indefinite amount of time you are allowed to forget all the things you can’t really remember anyway.

Each session in this series will be quite similar in terms of the induction and therapeutic techniques but the background music, suggestions and duration of amnesia (as well as other minor details) will vary. This session is designed to last indefinitely and I have no way of predicting how long the amnesia will last after you awaken. There is a fail-safe suggestion to allow you to remember your potty training if you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely need to remember as well as a count at the end of the session to bring you out of trance.

Digital Download Details
Price: $24.29 USD
Length: 26 minutes
Size: 25 MB
Format: MP3

One thought on “Potty (Un)Training

  1. This is a true masterpiece. Wow, Mommy Nicole really outdid herself on this series! This is a must own for all ABDL and hypno-lovers. But be warned, this session is EFFECTIVE, hahaha. Perfect for all you dumb, silly little babies out there. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did (and still am enjoying!) 🙂

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