Dressing Up with Mommy Nicole

Being a grown up is hard enough but for someone like you, someone who NEEDS time to be little, it becomes that much more difficult to do all those boring grown up things. But sometimes you get stuck in grown up mode and you need a little more help regressing … That’s where Mommy Nicole comes in!

I guide you down into a deep, relaxing trance, drawing you down into my nursery where I’ve got a special surprise waiting. I’m going to out with a special friend tonight so I’ll be getting ready for my date. Of course, we can dress up together!

I’ve got everything I need to transform you into an adorable little baby girl. Once we’re both dressed, I’ll sit down at the vanity and do make up on both of us. Includes suggestions and teasing regarding wetting your diaper, tying feminization behaviors into baby behaviors as well as gentle teasing and ABDL humiliation.

This session is gender neutral–equally enjoyable for boys and girls!

Digital Download Details
Price: $21.59 USD
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 26 MB
Format: MP3

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