Nursery Bedtime Story – The Velveteen Rabbit

Hello, sweetheart. This is a different kind of session in the nursery. Its a rainy day and we can’t play outside so Mommy Nicole is going to tuck you into your little crib and read you a lovely bedtime story instead. Be sure to wear a diaper before you settle in to listen; its only natural that you might have a little accident, especially if you become so relaxed that you simply drift off and sleep through the night!

Softly spoken with rain and thunder in the background.

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One thought on “Nursery Bedtime Story – The Velveteen Rabbit

  1. This is one of my all time favorite stories as my best frend is a bunny called Snuggles, she is real too 🙂

    A very relaxing bedtime story that all babies should have. Just such a wonderful way to drift if to sleepy times. Beatifully red by mommy 🙂

    Fankies for such a lovly reading mommy.

    April xxx

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