Forget & Conquer (Lockdown 04)

By special request for my best little babies; relax and regress with Mommy Nicole and come to the nursery where I have a very special gift waiting for you. The outside world is a big, scary place and little babies need to feel safe and secure to let go.

First, we’ll use your very own wishing star to help you feel so safe and secure and deeply relaxed. Down in the nursery, I have an enchanted box waiting for you to tuck away all those big scary grown up things that have been on your mind lately. I use my powerful suggestions and mesmerizing voice to scrub away all those troublesome cares and concerns and we lock them away where they cannot bother you anymore. Once you’re deeply relaxed and fully regressed, I teach you all about lucid dreaming so you can overcome your fears of nightmares and nap safe and sound in the nursery while I watch over and protect you.

But of course, that isn’t all. Oh no. Because I know how important it is to maintain your baby training, especially during times like these. Whilst you nap, I make sure you fill that diaper and don’t you worry; the more you try to resist, the more helpless you become. Once you begin listening to my voice, sweetheart, there’s really just no way you can help but become the very best baby for Mommy Nicole.

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Price: $28.79 USD
Length: 31 minutes
Size: 37 MB
Format: MP3

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