Coerced into Diapers

This script was submitted to me by a fan as a commission for a “bedtime story”. I loved it  so much, I asked if I could record it for everyone to enjoy and here we are!

In this ABDL bedtime story, Nicole is a good friend who drops off a surprise “gift” at your door after observing how hard you’ve been working and how exhausted you seem to be all the time. Things aren’t always as they seem and before you know it, you’re entirely dependent on diapers and craving more than mere friendship from Nicole.

Like any good bedtime story, it all works out in the end and you go from being an overworked, underpaid “essential employee” to a precious little baby, loved and cared for forever and ever. But on the way, there will be lots of peepee accidents, bedwetting and even struggling to keep your diapers hidden from coworkers and supervisors alike!

Digital Download Details
Price: $22.49 USD
Length: 24 minutes
Size: 32 MB
Format: MP3

One thought on “Coerced into Diapers

  1. Mommy Nicole,
    You made me wear diapers, and a sissy dress. You put me on the spanking bench that I bought for you. I miss you.
    June 2020

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