Unethical Therapy Baby Drop

Its your first session with therapist Nicole Dosei. You’ve heard great things about her unique approach to helping people with problems like yours but you’re really not sure what to expect. You weren’t given a lot of instruction for how to prepare for the session beyond wearing loose fitting clothing and keeping your schedule clear for the rest of the day. That seemed odd but you’re willing to try anything …

Once she has you in her office, settled and comfortable, your new therapist beings using her special techniques to guide you down into a deep trance before planting powerful suggestions; includes a trigger phrase for returning you to trance, regression, diaper dependence, uncontrolled wetting during both day and night, compulsion to purchase and wear diapers, pacifiers, desires to engage in baby behaviors and eventually live 24/7 as an adult baby.

Everything is spoken as if you were truly in a therapist’s office, having a therapy session.

Digital Download Details
Price: $25.19 USD
Length: 27 minutes
Size: 29 MB
Format: MP3

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