(Attempting to) Escape Your Crazy Ex

Sequel to Taken by Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend~

In this ABDL trance training fantasy mp3, you’ve been caught trying to escape Nicole’s nursery! I’m not mad at you, of course. I could never be mad at you. I understand now that I initially underestimated you when I thought I could just easily brainwash and reprogram you to give up all your own thoughts and feelings and just obey whatever I wanted you to do.

You’ve left me with no choice but to strip you of any ability to even attempt to think for yourself anymore. I have to regress you more deeply than ever before. And I have to retrain your subconscious mind so you will want to stay with me. By the time I’ve finished, you’re going to be so helpless, so weak, so utterly dependent on me to take care of you that you’ll never want to take off those diapers again.

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Price: $19.79 USD
Length: 21 minutes
Size: 35 MB
Format: MP3

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