Tongue Tied (Speech Modification)

Uh oh, I’ve heard that you’ve been saying things you shouldn’t have, little one. That’s right. You’ve been using very grown up words, saying things silly dumb little babies really shouldn’t say. And I’ve decided there’s only thing left to do! That’s right, its time for some intense ABDL trance training, deep regression and mental domination.

In order to help you regress even more deeply and become the very best baby you can possibly be, I’ve chosen 5 specific very grown up words that I will be removing from your vocabulary altogether. After you’ve listened to this ABDL trance training mp3, those words will be replaced with incoherent baby babble! If you try to say those words anyway, you will find yourself absolutely tongue tied and unable to speak those words.

In addition to this, I’ve snuck in a subtle suggestion about baby pacifiers and a craving for baby formula as well as strengthening your urges to wet your diapers all while enveloping you in love and affection, immersing you in a nurturing experience where you can completely let go of all your adult cares and concerns for awhile and just really enjoy being little.

Digital Download Details
Price: $30.59 USD
Length: 33 minutes
Size: 39 MB
Format: MP3

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