About Nicole

Lots of people have multiple facets to their personalities and I am certainly no exception. You may already know of me from Niteflirt where I’ve been practicing femdom hypnosis since 2007 but this is another facet entirely. As “Mommy Nicole” I get to explore the more nurturing aspects of my personality; this also gives me the opportunity to create a fun, innocent world for the two of us.

I have always been a caregiver in one form or another. As a child I often took in orphaned or injured animals (everything from puppies and kittens to piglets, opossums and even a baby skunk!) and after I left home I spent several years as a live-in nanny and just before I began my career as a hypnotist, I was a live in carer for an elderly lady whom I absolutely adored. It’s really only natural for me to be drawn to ABDL as well now, isn’t it?

As for the more personal details, I’m a petite but curvy and colorful Mommy, standing just 5’4″ with green eyes and purple hair. I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA with a blind cat named Joey and my (diabetic alert) service dog in training, a miniature American shepherd named Laika.

While ABDL is a niche that is still very new to me, I have already established a few boundaries that I hope you will understand and respect. As much as I enjoy indulging your kinky fetishes as a femdom, when we’re in Mommy Nicole’s nursery, our time together is all about helping you to regress and feel small, young and innocent. If you’re interested in more grown up fantasies, please visit my other site or find me on Niteflirt.