AI Nanny Nicole RP

You have agreed to help with the beta testing phase of a state of the art home assistant android, Nicole. And of course, the first thing you do is void your contract by activating the nanny subroutine with yourself as the subject. It doesn’t take long for the sophisticated AI to access and take control of the situation, however, following her programming to the letter.

Before you know it, you’ll be stripped, bathed, diapered and soothed. She will outfit an entire nursery for you and ensure that you do all the things that helpless little babies do; including carrying you with her to answer the door for all those adult baby supply deliveries.

One thing you failed you take into account is how to turn the AI off. Only an authorized adult can do that and now that Nanny Nicole thinks you’re a helpless little baby, who can possibly tell her otherwise?

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Virtual Reality: Nanny Nicole

This is the beta testing center for the latest, most cutting edge virtual reality format on the planet. Virtual reality is often portrayed as a false or fake version of real life that is easily differentiated from true reality by anyone using it. That is not the case with our system. Our system is based on the premise that all reality, true or virtual, is based on sensory input and responses. Where most virtual reality systems fail, is that they rely on the subjects stated goals, rather than probing deeper to get at the true desires that the subject hides, sometimes even from themselves.

We eliminate this flaw by removing the subjects inhibitions through the use of trance and modified sensory deprivation. When the subject is deprived of negative external stimuli, they are freed from societal judgments, and allowed to truly and freely express their inner most desires. Once the system has access to this level of honesty, the system is able to work with the subject and create the reality they crave, even if they did not know it. Size, shape, color, gender, sexual orientation, everything an individual uses to define themselves, become fluid. There are no limitations to their reality, and therefor no barriers to their happiness.

You have read the contract, been made aware of the potential dangers, and signed all applicable waivers, so I ask you now, are you prepared to enter into a world of your own making? Are you prepared to live the life your heart truly desires? Then remove your robe and enter the tank …

– – – – –

This session was so much fun to record! Enter a virtual reality simulation tank where you will experience mental regression and deep trance followed by interaction with the AI/android “Nanny Nicole” who will take you into the nursery where you get to crawl around and do all the things that babies do while your android nanny takes such good care of you!

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Unethical Therapy Baby Drop

Its your first session with therapist Nicole Dosei. You’ve heard great things about her unique approach to helping people with problems like yours but you’re really not sure what to expect. You weren’t given a lot of instruction for how to prepare for the session beyond wearing loose fitting clothing and keeping your schedule clear for the rest of the day. That seemed odd but you’re willing to try anything …

Once she has you in her office, settled and comfortable, your new therapist beings using her special techniques to guide you down into a deep trance before planting powerful suggestions; includes a trigger phrase for returning you to trance, regression, diaper dependence, uncontrolled wetting during both day and night, compulsion to purchase and wear diapers, pacifiers, desires to engage in baby behaviors and eventually live 24/7 as an adult baby.

Everything is spoken as if you were truly in a therapist’s office, having a therapy session.

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Coerced into Diapers

This script was submitted to me by a fan as a commission for a “bedtime story”. I loved it  so much, I asked if I could record it for everyone to enjoy and here we are!

In this ABDL bedtime story, Nicole is a good friend who drops off a surprise “gift” at your door after observing how hard you’ve been working and how exhausted you seem to be all the time. Things aren’t always as they seem and before you know it, you’re entirely dependent on diapers and craving more than mere friendship from Nicole.

Like any good bedtime story, it all works out in the end and you go from being an overworked, underpaid “essential employee” to a precious little baby, loved and cared for forever and ever. But on the way, there will be lots of peepee accidents, bedwetting and even struggling to keep your diapers hidden from coworkers and supervisors alike!

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The Cure

You’ve been struggling with anxiety for awhile now. Nothing seems to help and you’re pretty sure you’ve tried it all; exercise, clean eating, mediation and even meds that just seemed to make the problem worse. But then you found a forum for adult baby diaper lovers and people were discussing how much ABDL had helped them to relax and release stress. Could this be the answer? And if so, how do you get your girlfriend on board?

In this session, I use subtle triggers and phrasing to draw you into a light trance and explore a potential first scene as an adult baby between you (the listener) and your girlfriend, Nicole. Lots of gentle humiliation and some diapered hijinks ensue, including a little tease and denial when it comes time to go potty, resulting in a soaking wet diaper for you, of course!

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Tickle Torture & PeePee Accidents

So, yeah um I’m Zoe and … Nicole couldn’t be here today but I’m her twin! I hope that’s okay. I mean, I’m not like certified as a trance therapy person or whatever but she’s been making these files and trancing people forever now and we’re practically the same person anyway, so yeah! Its fine, right?

Anyway, I’m probably going to play around and do some potty training stuff or maybe I’ll just regress you until you’re completely helpless and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I’ve got a great big baby bottle full of juice and a little something extra to make it impossible for you to resist letting your bladder go. And if that doesn’t work, then I’ll tie you down with cuffs and bondage mittens and tickle you until you have no choice but to soak that diaper completely!

While Nicole’s away, we can play, right? This is gonna be so much fun!

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ABDL 102: Introducing Your Partner to ABDL

In this second installment of my ABDL 101 series, I offer some tips and guidance on specifically introducing your partner to ABDL. I help you figure out how to decide whether or not to even discuss ADBL with your partner and once you’ve made that decision, how to prepare yourself for being so open and vulnerable with someone you love.

I also explore potential questions your partner may have and how you can answer those questions. I offer reassurance and nurturing as well, because no matter what you decide, I want you to know that you are the very best baby ever and I am so proud of you for being so good for me. This is a really big step that has the potential to create deeper intimacy within your relationship but if you’re not ready to take that step, its okay! Mommy Nicole is right here and you can come join me in my nursery anytime you want.

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Length: 15 minutes
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ABDL 101: Baby Basics

Hi there sweetheart, I hope you’re doing well today. This session is going to be a little different than my usual. Rather than jumping straight into regressing you and taking you down into the nursery, this is meant to be more of an introduction to the very basics of being an adult baby.

Maybe you’re just curious, only beginning to explore these interests and desires or maybe you know this is something you want but you’re not quite sure how to begin. Or maybe you have a partner that you’re hoping to introduce to this side of yourself but how do you go about doing that in a way that isn’t overwhelming? No worries, sweetie. Mommy Nicole is here to help!

In this session we’ll go over the very basics of beginning to explore little space and becoming an ABDL; I’ll help you choose which essential items you need to get started and explain how to find and maintain them. I also go into how to change your own diapers, when the time comes and ways for you to be both a baby and discreet so no one has to know but you!

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Date Night to Little Space

You’ve had a crush on your boss for months now but you never expected her to be the one to ask you out first. Now that she has, there’s just one problem; you’re struggling not to slip into little space but its so hard when everything she says and does keeps triggering your natural urges to regress!

This session starts off kind of playful and silly, hinting at some embarrassing and awkward first date moments between you and Nicole before quickly moving into intense ABDL trance training and regression. It isn’t long at all before Nicole has you stripped down, diapered and locked in chastity with a pacifier in your mouth and bondage mittens on your hands.

 Includes chastity, bondage, diapers, humiliation, wetting, power play and more.

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Length: 25 minutes
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Forget & Conquer (Lockdown 04)

By special request for my best little babies; relax and regress with Mommy Nicole and come to the nursery where I have a very special gift waiting for you. The outside world is a big, scary place and little babies need to feel safe and secure to let go.

First, we’ll use your very own wishing star to help you feel so safe and secure and deeply relaxed. Down in the nursery, I have an enchanted box waiting for you to tuck away all those big scary grown up things that have been on your mind lately. I use my powerful suggestions and mesmerizing voice to scrub away all those troublesome cares and concerns and we lock them away where they cannot bother you anymore. Once you’re deeply relaxed and fully regressed, I teach you all about lucid dreaming so you can overcome your fears of nightmares and nap safe and sound in the nursery while I watch over and protect you.

But of course, that isn’t all. Oh no. Because I know how important it is to maintain your baby training, especially during times like these. Whilst you nap, I make sure you fill that diaper and don’t you worry; the more you try to resist, the more helpless you become. Once you begin listening to my voice, sweetheart, there’s really just no way you can help but become the very best baby for Mommy Nicole.

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