Diaper Ditz

Welcome once again to Mommy Nicole’s nursery; a magical place where great big grown-ups are regressed and reduced down to helpless little toddlers! Today we’re going to explore a new part of the nursery as well as new areas of baby training, including a little coerced diaper wetting for resistant babies who think they can get away with not having accidents in their diapers. Listen along as Mommy Nicole instructs and explains all the ways that wearing diapers turn you in a ditzy little baby. Or is it that you were always a ditzy little baby and so you really have no choice but to wear diapers for Mommy Nicole? Hmm. I guess we’ll just have to figure that one out together!

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Euphoric Regression

Continue your quest to become to ultimate baby for Mommy Nicole! Experience deep feelings of euphoric joy anytime you indulge in even the simplest babyish behaviors. Your dependency on diapers continues to grow as your craving become more and more infantile in nature. You may find yourself becoming addicted to formula, baby bottles and pacifiers as well. But its alright. Mommy Nicole doesn’t mind and you know that as long as you’re such a good little baby, Mommy will take care of everything.

Gender Neutral ABDL Trance Training

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