Mommy Obsession

You’ve begun seeing a therapist for help with your uncontrolled wetting and mommy obsession. She’s promised to explore a variety of techniques, including deep trance. She’s also suggested your purchase some diaper and even wear them to your next session. So you do as you’re told and come prepared for anything. Such a good baby!

This session is completely gender neutral for both boy and girl babies and of course anyone in between. Includes gentle, nurturing humiliation, deep age regression and affirmation of baby behaviors. You will be trained to wear and wet your diapers, listen to Mommy Nicole’s voice and obey her suggestions and to be Mommy Nicole’s very best little baby.

This file does begin sounding a bit like a role play but quickly moves into 100% real trance training that will have lasting effects on your behavior as well as your subconscious mind.

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Price: $22.49 USD
Length: 24 minutes
Size: 23 MB
Format: MP3

Bonnets and Lullabyes

Its time for another ABDL training session with Mommy Nicole and this time we’re going to learn more about some of the specific ways Mommy likes to dress her precious little darlings to help you feel so small, so regressed and so humiliated! Don’t forget to wear your diaper, darling because you just never know when you might have a little accident and remember, no fussing sweetheart!

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Price: $14.39 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 17 MB
Format: MP3

Mommy’s Favorite Things

Hello baby… its so wonderful of you to come and share with Mommy Nicole and some of her favorite things… I know you will find a lot of Mommy’s favorite things are very special… yes you will… because they will change the way you feel and the way you act… and the way you behave…

In fact thats the reason they are Mommy’s favorite things… because they will all make you feel extremely babyish and infantile… with little choice but to become Mommy Nicole’s helpless little baby… thats right darling… you won’t have any choice… as all of these things change your feelings and behavior… more and more every day… oh yes they do… all the time… even when you’re not even thinking about them… and they will continue to become stronger and stronger each and every day… until you are a very babyish little boy for mommy… so come and relax, as mommy tells you about all her favorite things in the nursery…

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Price: $19.79 USD
Length: 21 minutes
Size: 21 MB
Format: MP3