Leaky Diapers

Whenever you’re with Mommy Nicole, you can be as little and as helpless as you want to be. Even if Mommy has to take control sometimes and coerce you into doing certain things you find embarrassing or humiliating, you know that Mommy knows whats best for her little baby so you can relax completely and just obey.

Mommy knows all about your secrets. Mommy knows that sometimes you like to pretend to be big so you can play with your dolly. Mommy knows that sometimes the little accidents you have in your panties, aren’t really accidents at all. Mommy also knows that you must be diapered at all times because your helpless little baby bladder is just so weak now…

But what happens to a little baby who doesn’t tell Mommy when he needs his diaper changed? What might happen to that baby’s diaper? Well, at first your diaper becomes warm and wet and squishy. Each time you have another accident, your diaper will become more warm and more wet and more squishy. Until all of a sudden, all at once, your diaper begins to leak!

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Mommy’s Control

Relax and wonder about all the things Mommy will teach you today. So so many things to learn; so many baby behaviors! And so uncontrollable … Some will make you feel and become even more babyish than others. They all add together to change your behavior as you become very babyish …

The deeper you regress, the more helpless you become. You have no control over your behavior. The harder you try to resist, the more deeply you fall for Mommy Nicole. You’ll need lots of diapers because one of the first things Mommy will take away is your ability to control your bladder and even your ability to remove your diaper without Mommy’s permission!

Mommy Nicole is going to take you deeper and deeper levels of regression now. And only Mommy decides how babyish you will be. There are three levels of regression that Mommy will teach you today; each with its own trigger and its own set of behaviors.

So just listen, relax and obey as Mommy Nicole takes control now.

Gender Neutral ABDL Trance Training

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Coerced Wetting

I know your secret, little one. You never could hide from me, after all. But its alright. You’re safe here with Mommy Nicole and together we’ll explore all those secret desires you keep locked away inside your mind. But first, you’re going to need A LOT of diapers. Don’t try to fight it. Don’t bother trying to resist. Accidents happen, sweetheart but Mommy doesn’t mind. As long as you do exactly as you’re told, everything will be A-ok!

This is an entirely gender-neutral session for both BOYS and GIRLS. Includes deep trance, diaper training, age regression and multiple count downs towards diaper wetting accidents. I strongly recommend wearing a diaper BEFORE you begin listening.

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Bonnets and Lullabyes

Its time for another ABDL training session with Mommy Nicole and this time we’re going to learn more about some of the specific ways Mommy likes to dress her precious little darlings to help you feel so small, so regressed and so humiliated! Don’t forget to wear your diaper, darling because you just never know when you might have a little accident and remember, no fussing sweetheart!

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Mommy’s Favorite Things

Hello baby… its so wonderful of you to come and share with Mommy Nicole and some of her favorite things… I know you will find a lot of Mommy’s favorite things are very special… yes you will… because they will change the way you feel and the way you act… and the way you behave…

In fact thats the reason they are Mommy’s favorite things… because they will all make you feel extremely babyish and infantile… with little choice but to become Mommy Nicole’s helpless little baby… thats right darling… you won’t have any choice… as all of these things change your feelings and behavior… more and more every day… oh yes they do… all the time… even when you’re not even thinking about them… and they will continue to become stronger and stronger each and every day… until you are a very babyish little boy for mommy… so come and relax, as mommy tells you about all her favorite things in the nursery…

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