Babytalk and Bedwetting

Mommy Nicole is at it again; this time inviting you for a cuddle and a nap before using her sweetly¬†mesmerizing¬†voice and powerful mind control techniques to regress you into a smell, helpless little baby who cannot remember how to speak or think like a grown up and of course, just like a little baby, you find yourself wetting your diaper little by little the more you listen. This session is filled with tricks and traps so the more you try to resist, the more deeply you regress … Your ultimate surrender to Mommy Nicole is inevitable, sweet baby but its alright because Mommy knows best and Mommy will always take such good care of her good little baby boy! The only question is, whether or not Mommy will ever let her baby be a big boy again …

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Length: 27 minutes
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No More Big Boy Pants

In this ABDL trance session, Mommy Nicole uses powerful mind control techniques to relax her good little boy so deeply and so completely that he loses control of his bladder entirely! It is HIGHLY suggested that you wear a diaper whilst listening to this mp3. As the title suggests, you may lose the ability to wear big boy pants indefinitely! That’s right … Just like a little baby, you will be wetting yourself without even realizing its happening. You will lose the ability to control the muscles of your bladder and have no choice except to either wear diapers or risk the humiliation of an embarrassing pee pee accident in front of anyone at anytime! These techniques yield REAL results!

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